2M Corporate Headquarters

Construction Photos Page

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Ground is Broken October 2, 2006
Grading is finished
Digging for foundation walls
Forms are set for foundation
Concrete is in the forms
Forms come off foundation walls
Sidewalk and Parking lot grading
Slab is poured
More parking lot grading & utility work
Walks are poured around building
Walls are being framed
Outside walls are sheathed

Trusses are going up!

Roof is getting sheathed
Roof is being prepared for shingles
Roof is shingled, stone is on, windows are in, and interior is being worked on. Parking lot is done as well.
Exterior siding is up, all that is left outside is landscaping.
The 2M logo is laser engraved in the tile at the entry way.
The entrance is finished and is warm and inviting.
Buzz's office is finished and he is moved in.