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Water4Kids Update!

We have received word of the first water well your contributions have allowed Water4Kids to provide! The well is located in a village called Nabwere in the Bugiri District of Uganda. Tom Eggum, President and Founder of Water4Kids was present for the opening of the well. If you attended our 2009 Dealer Meeting in Billings, you probably remember Tom delivering the Keynote Speech during the General Meeting the first morning. The following is an excerpt from the email sent to Bill Mills followed by pictures of the site:
  "I wanted to write to you and share with you about the village you saved in Uganda with the gift of fresh clean water. In May of last year you gave a gift of a safe water well and we drilled it in a village called Nabwere that desperately needed clean water.

Nabwere is located in the Bugiri District adjacent to Lake Victoria - the largest lake in Africa. Ironically, Bugiri is in desperate need for fresh water because the government does not drill any wells in this area. They tell the villagers that the lake has leached up all of the water and the water table is too low to access. So, they don't even have any hope of ever having any water. The villagers are forced to walk to swampy shores or open contaminated ponds that they share with animals for dirty water. Before your well was drilled in Nabwere, villagers had to walk 5 km - each way for water from an unprotected open spring.

Last summer, we took a team to dedicate your well! Hundreds of kids were present at the well dedication along with government officials, Tom and our main director and Bishop - Pastor Wilber Sigombe of True Vine Team Ministries. It was an amazing day! I wanted to share with you some photos of your well that you provided to the villagers of Nabwere, Uganda. From the photos you will find a fence around the borehole. The villagers have constructed this to keep the animals away from the water. Also, you'll see Pastor Wilber unlocking the borehole for the first time, Tom pumping and kids drinking!

Thank you for your generosity and compassion for these precious people of Uganda. Your gift of fresh water will save thousands of people from dysentery, malaria and other preventable and treatable diseases. YOU are a difference maker!


Angie Simon
Vice President, International Development "

Donated by Customers : $15,146

Gold Level Donations ($1000+)

New Life Fellowship Belen, NM
Fisher's Supply Canby, OR
DBA Basin Pump Service (Don Hochstatter) Moses Lake, WA
Bob & Lori Shultz (Montana Pump) Belgrade, MT

Silver Level Donations ($500-$999)

Kathleen Stanley (Exec.Director, Water Systems Council)
Strictly Sprinklers Salmon, ID
H&R Waterworks Inc. (Stephen & Elise Harrington) Tumwater, WA

Bronze Level Donations ($1-$499)

Mark & Curt Akland (Akland Pump) Yakima, WA
Jerry Anderberg & Assoc. Billings, MT
Walt Kadle (Wickenburg Pump) Wickenburg, AZ
Eslinger Drilling Corvalis, MT
KT Sprinklers Terry, MT
Brian Greene (Preferred Water Systems) Adna, WA
Nathan Hankook (American Pump Inc.) Ucon, ID
Gary Key (Key's Drilling & Pump Service) Roswell, NM
Alan & Rebecca Henry Great Falls, MT
Rodney & Sandy Lee (Rod Lee Pipelines) Miles City, MT
Bill Whaley (HydroGeologic Services, Inc.) Albuquerque, NM
Clovis Pump & Well Service Clovis, NM
Bill Wahl (WAHL Construction) Circle, MT
Dane & Margaret Gamble (Bridger Creek Golf) Bozeman, MT
Andrew & Tracy Davison Great Falls, MT
MWC/Viking Pump Inc. Whitefish, MT
Ryan Mitchell (Plentywood Hardware) Plentywood, MT
Rose Waldenberg Great Falls, MT
Jennifer Todd & James Pontrelli (Advantedge Mktg) Missoula, MT
Roy Turner (Turner Pump) Hartline, WA
Justice Water Systems Pagosa Springs, CO

2M Employee Donations

Employee Donation Drive ($4885) All Locations
Brian Irwin (additional donation) Albuquerque, NM
Laura Rembe (additional donation) Great Falls, MT

Other Misc Donations (not matched by 2M or FE)

David Zamora (DZ Pump) $50
Water Systems Council $1000
Albuquerque Dealer Meeting(s) Raffle Proceeds



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Pictures from contributors

Strictly Sprinklers
Above is two pictures of Roy Prange of Strictly Sprinklers. The first is him at age 2 (in the truck), and inthe second he is working at the age of 20, putting in a sprinkler system. His family has been in the sprinkler business since the 30's! Roy made a very nice donation to Water4Kids in his father's (Alfred) and brother's (George) names.. Thanks Roy!

Special Thanks to New Life Fellowship in Belen, New Mexico for a HUGE donation!

WWJ Article
This is an article that showed up in the Water Well Journal, Sept. 2009