2M Company is proud to now carry Franklin pumps, motors, and drives. Franklin Electric has been leading the industry in manufacturing submersible motors and controls since 1950. Their newly added 4" , 6", and centrifugal pump lines promise to have the quality and reliability you have come to know from Franklin. Franklin is also leading the industry in constant pressure drives. Franklin has added many drive models to there line to fit almost every application for constant pressure.

Flexcon Industries is a leading manufacturer of pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tanks for water well, water pressure boosting, reverse osmosis, heating, and thermal applications and is the second largest producer of diaphragm tanks in the Western Hemisphere.

Flexcon’s unique Flow-Thru technology has revoltionized the pressure tank applications for VFD constant pressure systems by continually refreshing the water in the tank, which normally does not happen in low flow applications.

Flexcon makes steel, fiberwound, and some stainless steel pressure tanks. 2M distributes Flexcon products in most locations. Please call for availability in your area.